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Conversation enriches understanding!!
Program Modules at MILE are structured and designed to keep participants engaged through out the program.

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The impact of titles on talent performance

How you think about your job – what it contributes, how it adds value, how it links with and supports other roles – has long been associated with motivation and performance. More than 25 years ago, I invited all the staff in my company (an...

How to plan and run your M&A Integration

M&A integration are often the most complex, sensitive and risky programs that an organisation will undertake. In addition to this, the timescales are tight and inflexible, resources may be unmotivated and few people have the experience of this...

Learn to develop Peak Performance Habits

Goal-setting is usually the preferred and only methodology used by companies and people to try to achieve their goals. Science, psychology and experience has shown us that this methodology alone is limited and has great weaknesses. Great athletes,...

The Happiness Sweet Spot for your organisation

The purpose of this post is to take the conversation around Happiness, Happy High Performing Employees and Individual Happiness at work to the next - or another - level. I think it's relevant and needed to take a strategic and organisational...

How to Get Results Without Losing Your Soul In the Process

Too often, managers try to win at all costs, when they should be focused on Winning Well. The hypercompetitive post recession global economy puts frontline and middle-level managers in a difficult position—expected to win, to “move the...

Private-public partnerships: lessons from experience

PPP arrangements promise much. The best projects have delivered better public infrastructure sooner and more cheaply. The unsuccessful projects show there are risks. This webinar summarizes the lessons to be learnt from the international...