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Conversation enriches understanding!!
Program Modules at MILE are structured and designed to keep participants engaged through out the program.

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Why Strategic Planning Fails

It goes without saying that most successful businesses are good operators. In those organizations, the owner or CEO usually has a clear vision of the future, and sometimes even a sound strategy to get there. So why is it, that corporate surveys...

Leadership Lessons from Virgin Atlantic

I was approached by David Tait OBE recently to form a speaking partnership. David was with Virgin Atlantic from the very beginning and is acknowledged by Sir Richard Branson as having played a pivotal role in the development of Virgin, marking its...

How to enjoy and succeed at work and life

1.FUEL FOR THE FIRE – glance back and see what you can do now, compared to your first day in your business. 2.HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT THE FUTURE? – feelings are important but we are not slaves to them; we can change how we feel about work and...

Balanced and Mindful Leadership

I believe it’s time for a new type of leader, and a new type of organizational culture. In general, we are working longer and harder, we are “chained” to technology almost 24/7, rates of absenteeism and sick leave are escalating, and employee...

Trust & Value: How to Sell in Brutally Competitive Markets

Is relationship selling dead? For the past few years, many so-called sales experts have been saying, “yes.” In 2016, the argument goes, people are simply too overwhelmed for relationship-based selling to be effective. What is relationship...

The Certain and Best Ways to Gain Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is all about designing, starting and running a new business. Gaining entrepreneurship skills means the capability and eagerness to build up, put in order, and run a business venture by resolving it’s all risks so as to make a...