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From Idea to Concept | Dr. Najat Benchiba-Savenius, Randal Pinto | Head of Social & Economic Research, Co-founder & COO | Oxford Strategic Consulting, Red Sift

This document is the soft copy of the presentation by Dr. Najat Benchiba-Savenius, Randal PintoHaving an idea nowadays is not much use unless you can see how to monetise it. If it is an idea that can disrupt as per the likes of Airbnb, then you're onto a winner. What does it take to be a young leader in Saudi, a leader with vision and integrity to make it in the world of innovation, competition and increasing pressure to move away from the heavily burdened public sector?

In this dynamic webinar, our two highly experienced presenters showcase crucial insights on what it takes to make it in the world of entrepreneurship, maintain the appetite for success and how to build/code an application for starters.

What you learn:

  • How to navigate the requirements of Saudi Vision 2030 and how to become a young leader.
  • Building differentiating capabilities by developing an appetite for entrepreneurship.
  • Practical insights on what it takes to become an entrepreneur in Saudi Arabia, a step-by-step guide on how to build an app.
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Ten Tips to Grow Your Cultural Currency for Business Success | Dr. Richard Griffith | Executive Director | Institute for Cross-Cultural Management

This document is the soft copy of the presentation by Dr. Richard GriffithWhile international business affords tremendous opportunity for growth and prosperity, often those opportunities are not fully realized. Cultural differences between strategic partners can serve as barriers to successful collaborative initiatives. Developing cross cultural competence is a life-long learning effort that can lead down a long path of workshops, how-to books, and frustrating experiences. Because executives don't have time to commit to formal learning they often tackle international business challenges the same way they would at home, often with less than stellar results.

However there are relatively simple strategies that can greatly improve your credibility with global partners. Using the concept of cultural currency, executives can use straightforward tactics to build credibility and then leverage that credibility to establish deep international relationships. By utilizing variation in timing, perspective, and decision making, global professionals will find they make less critical mistakes, and learn more from the mistakes they do make all while building rapport with their international counterparts.

What you learn:

This presentation will provide recommendations to accumulate and wisely invest your cultural currency so you can better claim the value inherent in international business. After completing the session, participants should be better able to:

  • Recognize when their current cultural currency has little value.
  • Use simple strategies to accumulate credibility.
  • Capitalize on newly gained credibility to enhance your presence and relationships.
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How Experts Become Influencers | Sean Weafer | Executive and Business Coach

This document is the soft copy of the presentation by Sean Weafer. 

Are you an expert at what you do but struggle to win clients? Or are you a senior executive or leader who needs to build a strong leadership brand and influence your stakeholders?

This webinar by Sean Weafer, who helps expert leaders and professionals become influencers, will share just some of the secrets that master influencers use to become High Trust Advisors to their clients and colleagues.

What you learn:

  • How to Create Powerful Business Messages.
  • How to Network Effectively to Build Your Brand or Attract Clients.
  • How to Use Questions to Control and Manage Meetings.
  • How to Structure Compelling and Influential Presentations.
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From Surviving to Thriving - Strategies for Success Abroad | Robert Fenlon | Strategic Strengths Coach | Strengths Coaching International

This document is the soft copy of the presentation by Robert Fenlon. Some of us learn the hard way that working in a foreign country is very different from a visiting for a fortnight's holiday or attending a conference. With increasing globalization and ease of international travel, more of us are jumping at the chance to work in far flung parts of the world for economic, social and professional reasons. This is both a challenge and a great opportunity for the individual, their families and the hiring company.

One of the biggest shifts in the global workforce is the rapidly expanding international school market especially in the Middle East as the demand for an English speaking education grows. Many of the teachers in these schools come from the USA and UK and according to the International School Consultancy, ISC, the numbers required will double to 800,000 within ten years. Teaching is a challenging profession even in our home countries where we are familiar with the culture, expectations and the social and professional support. There are widespread consequences if a teacher or expatriate worker is unable to adjust effectively, not least the problems of retention and retraining.

This webinar explores how the Clifton Strengths Finder can help improve the recruitment, support and retention of international teachers and employees as well bringing diverse work-forces together towards common goals.

What you learn:

  • The 3 C's of Life: Choice, Chances and Changes.
  • Key challenges faced by international teachers and employees.
  • The essentials of planning for time abroad.
  • What is the Clifton Strengths Finder and how it can support international teachers, expatriate employees and teams.
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Key Thinking Strategies of Phenomenal Leaders | Kim Ades | President | Frame of Mind Coaching

This document is the soft copy of the presentation by Kim Ades. As a leader, your thinking has a greater impact on your team and your business results than any other factor. This is why examining and sharpening your thinking is vital for attaining the outstanding levels of success that you are aiming for. The process requires you to understand how your thinking has both propelled you forward and yet still often holds you back while deliberately building the muscle that keeps pushing you moving toward your goals.

In this webinar, you will literally begin to see and capture how your thinking is affecting your outcomes and learn how to stretch your mind muscle and challenge your self-imposed limitations to reflect the thinking and practices of today's most accomplished leaders. You will walk away with tangible strategies for overcoming your biggest leadership obstacles. Come prepared to be challenged! You are guaranteed to see the world through a new lens - the lens of a phenomenal leader!

What you learn:

  • The single most important factor that leads to success.
  • How to quickly identify what differentiates extraordinary performers and others.
  • What it takes to develop and leverage the strengths of key leaders, employees and teams.
  • Strategic techniques to challenge yourself and your team in order to drive higher levels of performance.
  • New perspectives and strategies to implement in your own environments and become confident about your ability to drive significant change.
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How to Master Complex Situations Using 6 Mindsets | Dr. Mary Lippitt | Founder and President | Enterprise Management Limited

This document is the soft copy of the presentation by Dr. Mary Lippitt. Making the right call or decision depends on your ability to "read" complex environments and opportunities both internally and externally. Leaders can no longer rely on tradition or habit to guide them to a sustainable and successful future. What leaders need to do is to comprehensively scan, analyze and weigh what needs to be tackled first. This webinar presents a new template to ensure that leaders do the right thing at the right time to get the right results. As Peter Drucker stated: "Effective leadership is not about making speeches or being liked; leadership is defined by results not attributes."

Complexity, change and systems are not supported by primarily static leadership frameworks that are based on character, style and competency. This webinar presents a new dynamic framework to increase agility, capture opportunities and manage risk. The webinar outlines six mindsets that can ensure that wise choices are made given current circumstances. Leaders need to balance both stability and flexibility. The Mindset framework enables leaders to discover new realities and make wiser decisions. After all, if we keep thinking the way we have always thought, we will get the same results. And, that will not be enough to meet today's challenges.

What you learn:

  • Learn a practical leadership lens to effectively scan the environment and boost strategic thinking.
  • Examine six critical "mindsets" to ensure effective decision making when confronting complexity and change.
  • Apply the mindset framework to increase alignment and reduce conflict.
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Why Most Strategic Planning Fails | Peter Wright | President | The Planning Group

This document is the soft copy of the presentation by Peter Wright. According to many CEO surveys, 90% of employees don't understand their organization's strategy and 95% of organizations do not execute their strategy successfully. Is this a product of flawed strategy or failed execution? The answer of course is that both strategy and execution are often inadequate and more importantly, an insurmountable gap exists between strategic intent and execution at the front lines of most companies. Even with a solid strategy in place, most staff cannot understand how their actions impact the ultimate strategy of the organization. This uncertainty is frustrating for staff and managers, especially as the world seems to be in a constant state of change and demands are ever increasing. Added to the uncertainty is the overwhelming sense that everything is a top priority.

The solution to the gap is an integrated and comprehensive approach to planning that goes beyond strategic planning to look at the continuum required to make better plans, better execution and better line of sight. This webinar will focus on the disconnect between strategy and execution and The Planning Group's Integrated Planning Model approach to overcome the gap. This model goes beyond strategic planning to incorporate strategic, operational, tactical and performance planning to better position strategy for successful execution

What you learn:

  • The real truth about where planning fails.
  • How poor planning process is often complicit in unsuccessful planning.
  • The essentials of defining and implementing a more comprehensive, integrated approach to planning.
  • Specific tips for identifying and overcoming the most important gaps in your company's planning.

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Watch Webinar @ Why Most Strategic Planning Fails

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How to enjoy and succeed at work and life | Lee Jackson | Teaching Assistant Accounting and Finance/Islamic Finance Researcher | Tunisian Ministry of Higher education and scientific research

This document is the soft copy of the presentation by Lee Jackson. How to enjoy and succeed at work and life will teach you how to be resilient and successful in these challenging times. This is Lee's keynote business presentation that will help you understand real success and how you can achieve it. It's success 101 - nothing boring or complex, just real life advice and research to help grow your resilience, effectiveness and your profits.

Lee's vast experience of working in all sectors in the UK makes him an ideal webinar speaker to help to encourage real results from you and your people. Helping you to enjoy and succeed at work and life is the aim of Motivational Speaker's Lee Jackson's funny, challenging and upbeat business presentation that helps you and your workplace understand real success and how you can achieve it.

Lee Jackson is a Motivational Speaker with a difference. No fluff but solid research to grow your teams and your effectiveness and your profits. Motivational Speaker Lee Jackson's 9 steps to success shown below are solid, not random ideas.

What you learn:

  • Learn to harness your passion and serve your customer.
  • Understand the role of hard work and the power of focus.
  • Learn how to get good and keep on going in tough times.
  • And fully understand the power of good relationships.

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Watch Webinar @How to enjoy and succeed at work and life

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How to plan and run your M&A Integration | Danny A. Davis | Partner | DD Consulting

This document is the soft copy of the presentation by Danny A. Davis. M&A Integration is challenging due to the complexity of the parts being put together, the unknown of each side and the lack of experience in most companies. Few have planned and run large integrations as well as teaching how to do this. Danny A. Davis and his book "M&A integration: how to do it" bring clarity to the topic. The first in a series of webinars cover all the high level parts of the deal.

The first webinar in the series will address topics such as:

  • M&A Integration Strategy Design.
  • Synergies.
  • Integration planning.
  • IMO (Integration Management Office)
  • M&A Integration playbook
  • Lessons Learn (Customer Focus, Politics, Interdependencies)

What you learn:

  • Understand how and where to start you Integration.
  • What is important in M&A Integration.
  • Learn the terminology (Level of Integration, Synergies Day 1 plan, 100 day plan)
  • Lessons from other mergers.
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How to Deliver the Mercedes-Benz Customer Experience | Dr. Joseph A. Michelli | Chief Experience Officer | The Michelli Experience

This document is the soft copy of the presentation by Dr. Joseph A. Michelli. A recent study by Forrester Research suggests that 92% of business leaders have "customer experience improvement" as a key strategic initiative. Despite the opportunity businesses have to differentiate themselves from their competition through the experiences in which their products and services are delivered, a number of studies suggest customer satisfaction (not to mention customer engagement and loyalty) are on the decline. For the past several years, Dr. Michelli has worked with senior leaders at Mercedes-Benz USA to chronical their successful transformation to deliver customer experiences in keeping with the brand's promise to be the "best or nothing."

What you learn:

  • Understand differences between product, service, and experience strategies.
  • Become familiar with tools used in customer experience design.
  • Learn from practical examples of how to LEAD customer-centric culture change.

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Watch Webinar @ How to Deliver the Mercedes-Benz Customer Experience

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How To Create A Coaching Culture: A UAE Case Study | Gillian Jones | Managing Director | Emerge Development Consultancy

This document is the soft copy of the presentation by Gillian Jones. In today's economic climate the key to developing a high performing business is to foster an empowered and innovative organisation. A coaching culture delivers exactly that - a high performing business. This presentation by Gillian Jones of Emerge Development Consultancy Ltd and co-Author of How to Create a Coaching Culture examines the impact of creating a coaching culture through several case studies, including a major Abu Dhabi bank. You will receive top tips from the lessons learnt from other Companies who have experience of building a coaching culture and this will help you to discover how you can transform good performance into excellent performance through coaching and look at how to start the transformation.

What you learn:

  • What a coaching culture actually is and the benefits.
  • How to achieve empowerment through a coaching culture.
  • Tools for creating a coaching culture.
  • Tips on where to start.

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Watch Webinar @ How To Create A Coaching Culture: A UAE Case Study

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Living Business Models for Strong Strategy and Performance | Kim Warren | Director | Strategy Dynamics Ltd

This document is the soft copy of the presentation by Kim Warren. Much is written about the importance of "business models". Business Schools teach whole courses on the topic and consulting companies urge clients to innovate by changing those business models. But current definitions are unclear, and most business models make?? no attempt to quantify anything or demonstrate how the business actually performs - they are descriptive "statues", rather than true models.

But it is possible to develop working, quantified models that replicate how the performance of a real business changes over time - linking investment to product development and capacity growth, marketing to customer growth, staffing to capability, and connecting all into an integrated whole, including the financials. This makes many important things possible ... new ventures can be bench-tested before real money or people are put at risk; market competition can be managed to the firm's advantage; integrated business plans cutting across functional silos can be tested and shared by everyone; big challenges or initiatives can be rehearsed before they happen; and detailed, time-phased action-plans assembled and continually updated.

The mind-set and methods to accomplish these important purposes are not complex, and the tools required are easy for regular analysts to use in supporting senior management.

What you learn:

  • How to "see" the enterprise as a working system.
  • How that system sustains and grows itself, and its financial performance.
  • What is needed to move from static, mostly financial business models to working, quantified models of any enterprise or issue
  • .... All of which provide the basis for a crystal-clear, shared understanding among the leadership team of where they are going and how to get there.

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Watch Webinar @ Living Business Models for Strong Strategy and Performance

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How to Get More Accomplished in a Hectic Work Environment | Peter Wright | President | The Planning Group

This document is the soft copy of the presentation by Peter Wright. In this engaging webinar, Peter Wright provides strategies to find an antidote to the feeling of being busier than ever, but never getting enough done. Every employee at every level has felt this. There is a growing trend across all sectors, and endless research supports the notion that our lives and our work are becoming more frenetic by the minute. The primary focus of this webinar is on helping individuals and organizations use better planning to make remarkable progress towards achieving goals, with less stress and less drama.

Are we actually busier or do we just feel busier? Has every generation of employees and managers felt the same way? By most measures, we are truly busier. We are being tasked with more variety, more thinking and more change as part of a macro trend in the developed world. As our business practices and organizational processes catch up with investments in IT, we are all faced with more cerebral and more challenging work. While technology and business practices are making organizations more productive, most of us are operating in a radically different operating environment using personal practices that worked for us in the past.

What you learn:

In this webinar, you will be introduced to 5 key principles to be more effective amid the "cognitive overload" of the modern workplace. In addition, participants will learn:

  • The basic research behind our new state of busyness.
  • How to find better balance at work.Why multi-tasking is a fallacy.
  • Simple advice for controlling your own agenda in a chaotic environment.
  • Tips for more effective prioritization.

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Watch Webinar @ How to Get More Accomplished in a Hectic Work Environment

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How to Build an Excellent, Ethical & Enduring Organization | Robert Vanourek | President | Vanourek & Partners, LLC.

This document is the soft copy of the presentation by Robert Vanourek. Every leader wants to build an organization that achieves significant results with high impact. They also wish to have that organization survive over time, creating value for everyone it touches.

But in this fast moving, highly competitive world, how can a leader achieve these goals? In his award-winning book, called the "best leadership book since Good to Great" Bob Vanourek describes the five practices the best organizations in the world use to build an excellent, ethical and enduring organization.

Based on four years of research interviewing leaders in 61 organizations in 11 countries, Bob reveals the insights needed for you to build a great organization.

What you learn:

  • Why most organizations hire and promote on the wrong criteria and how to do better.
  • How to inspire your employees for high engagement.
  • Why you must flex your leadership style between steel and velvet.
  • How to unleash leaders throughout your organization.
  • A proven 10-step process for aligning your colleagues for sustained high performance.

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Watch Webinar @ How to build an ethical, excellent and enduring organization

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Blue Ocean Strategy | Dr. Imran Zawwar | Director Academics and Research | MILE , Knowledge Now

This document is the soft copy of the presentation by Dr. Imran Zawwar. Blue Ocean Strategy is often seen as a journey through unchartered waters and exploring the unexplored oceans, the journey is embarked through cutting edge innovation and value driven concepts. Charting a course to the new landscape where competition does not exist, is a revolutionary concept in strategy formulation that emphasizes value innovation rather than fighting the competition.

In the present day business world, following traditional strategies and fighting the cut throat competition can rarely bring enduring success. Today, in most industries competitors imitate rather than innovate and this results in a cruel competition for a small number of market shares which quickly fade and get diluted. This increased competition and increasingly shrinking market share represents the 'Red Ocean' and most businesses get entrapped in this situation and therefore fail to progress.

This webinar will help you to escape the dangerous quagmire of being trapped into a Red Ocean and will enable you to innovate and discover Blue Oceans for your organization. Blue Ocean Strategy is a radical, yet proven, approach to delivering value into the market that can yield very high growth and profitability. When implemented correctly it can lead to dramatic innovation within established industries and allow you to leverage an enormous competitive advantage - by making the competition irrelevant.

This webinar will deliver strategic concepts and practical tools that will help you understand your competition better and analyze your position in the industry. It will help you design strategies to break your competition and to innovate in your market space. You will develop skills that will facilitate your out of box thinking and will enable you to transform your business model. The webinar will help you to understand your customer better and to create new demand under constrained resources. Finally, you will learn to become a change catalyst in your organizational setting to lead innovative change.

What you learn:

  • Understand the differences between contested and uncontested markets and how to create an uncontested market space.
  • Learn the origins of Blue Ocean Strategy and its power dynamics.
  • Develop the ability to thrive in uncertain times through value innovation.
  • Learn how to systematically reconstruct market boundaries.

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Watch Webinar @ Blue Ocean Strategy

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The Wisdom Chronicles: Competing to Win | Dr. Ted Marra | Prof. of Strategic Leadership | Cotrugli Business School

This document is the soft copy of the presentation by Dr. Ted Marra.

As senior executives you always have many areas where you can focus your attention - paths along which you can guide your organization to enable it to ultimately reach its full competitive potential or remain just an 'also ran'. Whether you like it or not, you are competing for the future and a place in that future. The challenge, as Arnold Glasow so aptly put it, is that 'The only problem with the future is that it is usually here before we are ready'.

As I have lived and worked in 37 countries over the past 42 years helping in excess of 155 organizations from virtually every industry and sector as well as SME's and global organizations, I have applied my powers of 'observation', I have 'observed' with a keen eye what works best and what does not when it comes to

  1. Addressing the challenging issues organizations face which, if left to fester, often result in some form of crisis situation occurring and
  2. How to realize the full potential of an organization - getting it to that next level of performance.

The fact of the matter is that the success or failure of an organisation comes down to just a 'vital few' factors. This Webinar will reveal what they are.

More than anything, it's about having and maintaining - relentlessly, the right 'focus'. Forget all the latest theories. To a large extent, the 'secrets' to success have never really been secrets - it's often about getting back to basics - doing the right things for the business and doing them right. This is the essence of what Peter Drucker considers 'leadership'.

What will you learn?

  • How should a 'business model' be defined? What are the components; how do you keep it continuously renewed; the truth about culture and why you have to get it right or face extinction; and why it is, in fact, that the 'business model' is the soul or 'spirit' of the organisation.
  • The power of vision alignment - done the right way; ensuring not only that you harness the full potential of the organisation toward a common goal, but through understanding the critical success factors, the optimal key business objectives and capability to achieve them is in place; followed by flawless execution to ensure maximum market impact and desired business outcomes.
  • Why an organisations true purpose for being should be 'creating and delivering value; how everything including innovation, six-sigma/lean or any other techniques must be generating value for some if not all stakeholder groups; how to tap into the ten sources of value when normally most organisations focus on only 2-3, not doing a particularly good job at those.
  • Find out why the judgment of an organization is significantly impaired without the proper 'sensing system' or 'strategic information architecture'; actionable information is the lifeblood of an organisation, while 'data' can clog the flow and slow the organisation down in at least two critical areas, keeping it from being agile and keeping it from achieving 'hyper-decision making' - making optimal decisions faster and better than ever.
  • Looking to the future, how will the traditional 'balanced scorecard' have to evolve to be of greater value to organisations; to enable them to truly get the most accurate, reliable and timely insight into the true health of the organisation as well as 'sensing' what is going on in its external operating environment.


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How to successfully expand in the global economy? | Dr. Walid Hejazi | Associate Professor Rotman School of Management

This document is the soft copy of the presentation by Dr. Walid Hejazi.

The most successful companies have expanded internationally. The evidence clearly demonstrates that most companies fail in deploying global strategies. The question is why. That is, why is it so difficult for successful companies to replicate their domestic success in international markets. This webinar will review the major pitfalls experienced in global expansion strategies, and review how these can be avoided.

What will you learn?

  • When will global expansion pay off for your organization?
  • How to rank international markets for market entry
  • Identifying pitfalls in the international market
  • How best to achieve define and achieve global strategic goals.
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Strategy and Projects. Why Strategic Awareness is important | Luca Romano | Project Director Nexen spa

This document is the soft copy of the presentation by Luca Romano.

The webinar will be focused on describing strategy, strategic alignment, project portfolio and project strategic trajectory. Participants will understand how strategic objectives are defined and linked with projects and how to control and adjust project strategic trajectory to anticipate or follow possible market evolutions.

What will you learn?

  • Have a better understanding of Corporate Strategy, Project Portfolio and Project Management and how these activities are interrelated between them.
  • Understand the role of project management in tactically managing strategic objectives achievement supporting their company in acquire a competitive advantage in the market.
  • Acquire some methods, tools and ideas to proactively participate in what is called "strategy in actions" defining and managing success and alignment KPIs as part of the day to day project management activity.
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Why Most Strategies Fail - a new approach to strategy execution | John R. Childress |  Managing Director Principia Group

A strategy is designed to take your organization into the future, beat the competition, bring new products to market, shift the culture, and create greater shareholder value. But the sad reality is: most strategies fail to deliver on their promises!

Why? Is it because the strategy is poor? Lack of funding? External circumstances?

"Most strategies fail due to poor execution." - Jack Welch

This is a copy of a webinar presentation, by John R Childress, Managing Partner of The Principia Group and author of FASTBREAK: The CEO's Guide to Strategy Execution.  In this presentation copy you will be able to extract the hidden barriers to strategy execution and learn about a breakthrough strategy execution process that can significantly improve the probability of successful strategy execution.

John Childress has over 30+ years of experience working with senior executive teams and organizations in all sectors (Energy, Nuclear Power, Retail, Manufacturing, Telecommunications, Transportation, Technology, Restaurants) in the areas of leadership alignment, process improvement, culture change and strategy execution.

 Read More About The Topic on Blog ... 

Watch The Recording of Webinar @ Why Most Strategies Fail - a new approach to strategy execution | John R. Childress |  Managing Director Principia Group

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