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Hidden Truth - Food Security and Sustainability | Mohamed Jinna | Chairman | United World Halal Development

This document is the soft copy of the presentation by Mohamed JinnaFood processing has become more complex in the advent of food technology and consumers also have wider choice of processed food and this creates a situation where consumers are exposed to a variety of food that may contain Haram (not permitted) ingredients with E-Codes, for any common man unable to understand the criticality and understand the ingredients sources today.

  • To make the people aware about what Halal is.
  • How Halal Certification ensures safety of products.
  • How Halal products are healthier and Hygienic.
  • Areas of Concern, difference between vegetarian and Halal Logo.
  • Global Halal Market.
  • How Halal will increase the Employment for countrymen.
  • How Halal can help our country's economic growth.
  • How Halal certification process connected with labour law, environmental friendly, Animal welfare, Natural, eco friendly, Organic, Food safety, Hygienic, Fair trade and many more usage to mankind.
  • Halal for all not only for Muslims.
  • How Halal prevent chronic diseases.
  • How Halal create more jobs and international tourist.
  • Micro Financing for Halal products?
  • Creating Young entrepreneurs.

This is a huge diversity of people from different countries, of varied tastes and demands. But with one common bond - they all seek the assurance represented by the halal symbol. A symbol that tells them that the food they eat, the pharmaceuticals they use, the cosmetics they apply, and the services they demand are all certified lawful and wholesome in keeping with Islamic principles and laws.

The Global Halal industry is worth 2.1 trillion dollars and most of it is being exploited by non-Muslims. It's the time that our brothers and sister join this industry and get benefitted by it.

The presentation will tell us in detail on how to get a pie of this booming industry and how the employment opportunities will come up for Muslims and for everyone through awareness and how to identify the Halal certified products in market.

What you learn:

  • Current Globalization Market.
  • Traditional Methods of Food Processing.
  • Halal Products Market - A Global View.
  • Consumers Rights.
  • The Hidden Truth about the Food processing Mechanism.
  • Un-Ethical Trade.Solutions for Ethical Trade & Tourism.
  • Social Responsibility.
  • What is Halal?

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