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Do you have the Entrepreneurial Gene? | Prof Dr. Josette Dijkhuizen | Professor | De Zakencoach

This document is the soft copy of the presentation by Prof Dr. Josette DijkhuizenYou often read about 'a real entrepreneur' or 'an entrepreneurial family'. But does something like born entrepreneurship exist? Is it the propensity to take risks, or the ability to react on opportunities in the environment? Is the business owner open for his employees or does he/she has a strong personal vision?

Prof Dr. Josette Dijkhuizen has dedicated extensive literature study and a book on this subject. During the webinar she gives, based on her research, insights into the discussion about 'born or made' of entrepreneurial competences and which are crucial for business success.

What you learn:

  • Which competencies are important for successful entrepreneurship.
  • Answer to the question if successful entrepreneurship is born or made.
  • Tips for action.
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Assessing Opportunity: An Entrepreneurial Marketing Perspective | Dr Abdul Ali Associate Professor of Marketing and Entrepreneurship | Babson College

This document is the soft copy of the presentation Dr Abdul Ali. He said that Behind every successful venture is the story of a business opportunity that was recognized for its potential worth and profitably developed before others realized that potential. In this presentation you will Identify and assess that opportunity are two critical steps that a company must take to grow and sustain their competitive advantages. It is equally important for an entrepreneur to undertake these tasks before starting a new venture. Sometimes, an entrepreneur stumbles upon an opportunity. While serendipity may occasionally play a role in identifying an opportunity, more often it is a systematic analysis of the business environment that is required. How does one identify an opportunity that is worth exploiting?

This will develop a framework for analyzing a market opportunity. The objective of his presentation is to understand the issues and concepts used to define and assess market opportunities.

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