Emotional Intelligence

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How to Inspire Employee Engagement through Emotional Intelligence | Joel H. Head | Managing Partner | Headwinds Ltd.

This document is the soft copy of the presentation by Joel H. Head.

Each year, the businesses around the globe experience trillions in lost productivity due to low employee engagement. Companies have poured huge resources into programs designed to make people happier and more satisfied at work, but in ten years, employee engagement levels around the world have remained tenaciously static.

What will you learn?

  • Why traditional approaches to employee engagement are not working effectively.
  • The neuroscience behind effectively engaging employees,
  • The four keys to motivating people toward full engagement.
  • How emotional intelligence has helped some large companies dramatically improve the level of employee engagement.

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Leading With Emotional Intelligence |  Andy Smith Emotional Intelligence Coach and Appreciative Inquiry Consultant Coaching LEADERS

This document is a soft copy presentation by Andy Smith ;Emotional Intelligence (EI) is what makes the difference between top performing leaders and the rest. A positive ‘emotional climate’ in your team will make a big difference to effectiveness, talent retention and results.

So how do you become a more emotionally intelligent leader? In this webinar, Andy Smith of Coaching Leaders Ltd shares some secrets of top performing teams that you can start using straight away to improve your team’s emotional climate. Key deliverables:

  • How emotions affect your team's thinking skills
  • Understand the effect you have on your team's 'emotional climate'
  • Four ways to be a more emotionally intelligent leader
  • A simple model for applying emotional intelligence to any issue

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This is the section on Self-Awareness from the '55 Ways To Increase Your Emotional Intelligence' e-booklet.

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