Developing Leaders of Expert Employees

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Developing Leaders of Expert Employees
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31 August 2015
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Developing Leaders of Expert Employees | Fraser Marlow | Head of the Leadership Practice BlessingWhite

This document is the soft copy of the presentation by Fraser Marlow. Organizations are increasingly dependent on the passion, creativity, energy and engagement of Technical Professionals - those expert employees in finance, R&D, technology or engineering. Technical professionals have their own needs - in terms of how they are led and also in how they learn.

During this Webinar Fraser Marlow, head of research at GP Strategies' BlessingWhite division will share research findings and insights into the challenges, required skills and learning preferences of technical professionals and those who aspire to lead them.

What you learn:

  • Who are Technical professionals, and why are they critical to success?
  • What are the top challenges in leading technical professionals (from their perspective and the perspective of L&D).
  • What are the learning preferences of this population and how do we tailor learning initiatives to have the greatest impact for them?

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Watch Webinar @ Developing Leaders of Expert Employees


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