How to Deal with Financing Risk

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How to Deal with Financing Risk
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08 January 2017
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How to Deal with Financing Risk | Dr. Andrea Moro (Laurea, MBA, PhD, PGCHE) | Reader in Finance | Cranfield University

This document is the soft copy of the presentation by Dr. Andrea Moro (Laurea, MBA, PhD, PGCHE). Finance plays a key role in firm's success: it is vital in pricing products correctly as well as in selecting the projects the firm should pursue; the mix of different sources of finance impact on the risk the firm incurs and its potential failure.

This webinar looks at the risk incurred by the firm when financing its investments by explaining the importance of matching the cash generated by the investment and the repayment of different providers of finance.

Particular attention will be paid to deriving working capital needs over and above the financing needs for fixed assets.

What you learn:

  • The source of financing risks for firms.
  • Differences between assets and working capital financing.
  • How to work out the repayment capability.

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