Success through People

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Success through People
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31 January 2017
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Success through People | Dr. Judith M. Bardwick | President | Judith M. Bardwick

This document is the soft copy of the presentation by Dr. Judith M. BardwickIt is a big mistake to take people for granted or assume they're stupid or ignorant. You can't fool most of the people over a long time. Successful organizations don't say employees are a very important resource and act as though the people are disposable. The knowledge and skills of employees at all levels must be fully utilized and employees must be strongly motivated to do their best and be the best.

Financial success is the result of collaboration. The highest rates of productivity, innovation and teamwork result from mutual shared values, respect and Trust. Management and employees must realize that results depend on the performance of everyone which is why the organization's culture has to emphasize the importance of sharing knowledge in order to achieve excellence.

We know the environment we live and work in is continuously changing faster and faster in a digital world where there are no boundaries. The result is success gets harder to achieve as the number of competitors increases. That is the basic reason why effective and major innovation is characteristic of every successful business. Underlying innovation is people have to be free to think and perceive differently. That freedom is the basis of being able come up with new perspectives and solutions.

The basic idea of how to effectively manage people is very old and very simple: treat people the way you would like to be treated. Which organization makes more money - one in which people feel there's nothing here for me so I'm getting out of here!- or one where people say, this is a great place to work and I'm proud to be part of it! How people feel directly influences what they do. Heart always matters more than head.

When employees are seen as a valuable resource and commitments made to them are kept, the business retains its employees and its customers. The result of employees feeling they belong, they are valued, they're respected and they have a future in the organization leads to high motivation, retention, engagement and profits. Loyalty down creates loyalty up. That's the way you win!

What you learn:

If you are an owner, executive, or manager who wants to improve employee performance and profits, you will learn:

  • How to create higher levels of employee Engagement?
  • How to create the new more effective style of managing?
  • How to select managers who will motivate employees?
  • How to increase employees enthusiasm to be excellent?
  • How to know the difference between really performing and just putting in time?
  • How to increase employees loyalty?
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