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Can a Brilliant Bosses Fail At Job Interviews ?

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One of the hardest challenges that you may face as an executive may not be in the boardroom, but on the ‘other side’ of the table in the interview room, as you go for your next big role.

Have you ever faced this issue ? Share your thoughts
Discussion started by MILE Madinah, on 1483 days ago
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John Mulhall
Yes, as a leader with over 12 years experience, I have had awful trouble in selling myself in interviews which I have learnt from. My learnt lessons are as follows:

a) Dont assume the marketplace and recruiting culture is the same as it was so many years ago when you interviewed for your last job. Whilst you were interviewing candidates, others were upgrading their interviewing practices and recruiting culture incorporating social media and some screening processes that makes a CV a "make or break document" down to the finite detail relative to the job spec.

b) Dont expect others to know you are good, you need to show them through a balanced pitch of your skills.

c) Show case your skills through a consistent and substantive digital brand. Make sure its authentic and true to your skills and yourself to the point you can use your social media or blogging acheivements to support your interview pitch of your skills and experience. You need to be able to be proud of your digital profile.

d) Dont dwell on those who just dont get you and drop you from a recruitment campaign because they like some else better. It was never meant to be, move on and as the old saying goes "what is for you, won't go by you!"
1482 days ago
Asif Osman
Sure. I've faced this twice in the last 4 years. It was tough to get my head round having to "impress" someone else after having spent years being on the other side making some candidates sweat.

But when I did get my head round it, it was useful remembering what not to do and it worked out positively for me on both occasions.
1483 days ago