Public Speaking Lessons from Daniel Day-Lewis

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Last night's Oscar acceptance speeches were the usual mixed bag of good, bad and atrocious, but one presenter really stood out as a role model for all of us in business and government: Daniel Day-Lewis. Not only is DD-L the only actor in history to take home the Best Actor Oscar three times - he also knows how to give a succinct, funny, gracious speech.

I was interviewed for this by Fox Business News today - see the article at:
Discussion started by Bill Connor, on 2091 days ago
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Bill Connor
Thank you, Ali.
2091 days ago
Ali Agha Jafri
Well said Bill and great to know that mainstream media is always seeking your opinion as an expert ---- “If you’re ever in a public-speaking situation and something goes wrong – you start coughing or there are projector issues – live in the moment! Audiences are more forgiving than we assume, so it’s better to address it in a natural way,” said Connor.
2091 days ago