How Overcome Your Leadership Limits ?

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You may feel that you've hit your leadership limit when despite the fact that you have just started your work. You carry big responsibilities and there is a long list of tasks and projects which you need to take care of.
So, how do you overcome leadership hurdles at the end of your day.
Discussion started by MILE Madinah, on 1423 days ago
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John Mulhall
Good worklife balance is key as is keeping one's ego in check.

There has being times when I have had employees test my patience to its end degree and I have held my cool despite being purposesly provoked. The restraint worked out in exercise after work leads to a clearer and cooler approach to addressing bad behaviour as a leader focusing on the solution where I deliver in a collaborative manner my expections for employee improvement and how I will be inspecting same for improvement. I have had a number of employee corrections to make and they never get easier. However, my leadership ability has gotten better with experience of doing it right the first time and learning from my mistakes when made. The fact that I was always respectful but assertive in my approach has being important as the point I was making. When I earn my team mates respect we work better as a team, a more functional team allows me to time manage functional and project work better which gets done with less follow up of work or doing it myself as trust is earned back for delivering on promises. This cycle of improvement in the employee(s) corresponds to less time in remediation for me as a leader and thus increased abilities/limits as a leader.
1419 days ago