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What is the Best solution if you have tensions with your Boss ?

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Remembering that debate and different points of view are the most powerful way to overcome challenges but some people think I've been hired by the Company to do a job. My Loyalty lies with the Company.

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Discussion started by MILE Madinah, on 1420 days ago
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John Mulhall
I think a bad boss will tarnish the perception an employee has of an otherwise good company. Tensions with the need to be talked out, straightforward, respectful and honest discourse on what is bothering you and how your boss can help fix it. If he or she rejects this, then there is always HR or another job. What ever you do, dont stay still; for to do so is to accept tension and unhappiness as a a way of life. We all deserve a little happiness so why not stand for it and have a one2one with the boss.. we all see further and better when the air is cleared!
1419 days ago