How Leadership Will Look in next 10 Years ?

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Let employees pull information and customers pull their desired products and services, organize for chaos, foster the behaviors of growth and guide the entire system toward a positive purpose. Leaders will emphasize asking the right questions, not on getting the answers right -- after all, Google will have all the answers.

Whats your take ?
Discussion started by MILE Madinah, on 1416 days ago
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John Mulhall
Mr. Muhammed, you make a good point on the increasing impact of improving business information systems allowing more fact based strategic decision making then senior managers "following their gut" which is over 80% based on a McKinsey and Company survey conducted last year.

However, whilst its valid in my view to say strategic decision making will become faster, leadership will go as fast as the slowest person in a leaders group. Trust is a great thing, but true support comes from active and proactive leadership... A good leaders knows his people and doesn't rest until his people have acheived success which can slow down the process when team members struggle. Its a timeless aspect of great leadership!
1362 days ago
Muhammad Al Yasir
I feel leadership will become more computerized based and leaders will be leading more than a single teams at a time from different industries guiding the systems to reach the destination goals by sitting in a home room. Industry information will be available to the leadership in advance by a single click and competition will be at peak. The market intelligence which is performed by internal employees today will be totally available from out-sources accurately. I see a fast leadership in next 10 years.
1366 days ago
John Mulhall
I think leadership styles and approaches will become more "industry specific" with collaborative industries that need the intellectual input and above average flexibility organisationally speaking (software/healthcare/pharma/etc); looking to bed down a more collaborative style of leadership that focuses on the employee input as an intergral part of the company's success story. These collaborative industries I think will have hallmarks of great communication, great professional knowledge and know how, high internal innovation rates, quick reaction ability to market threats and opportunities along with monetisation of "human capital" V supporting "human resource".

The other distinct style I see becoming more pronounced in my view will be the development of the classical autocratic leadership style where the employee input is seen more in terms of process support and the transaction. Industries like professional services/public service/outsourcing/etc will become a haven for good job security, technical knowledge and low levels of innovation where structured thinking is valued as a virtue and innovative independant thinking a vice.

I believe the increasing visability of these leadership styles to industry norms will end up attracting talent based more and more on personality suit rater then monetary compensation or status. We all need to be happy afterall so it seem like a logical progression to me.
1416 days ago
Frederick Reynecke
Making sure they guide and serve/support employees according to values and strategy of the company.
1416 days ago