Project Management Training, how and why PM training is more useful?

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Let's talk about training. It is always very difficult to verify the effectiveness of what studied in a class.
We spend money and time to follow lessons about WBS, PERT, Earned Value, etc but how we really get back home valuable tools for our professional development?

Do you think it is more effective a class training or webinars? Do you prefer theory or excercises? Do you think training should be more coaching like, based on the real problems of your company? Would you like to meet again your teacher after some months to verify your application of what learned in class?

Which are from your point of view the peculiarities of Project Management Training?
Discussion started by Luca Romano, on 1446 days ago
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Muhammad Al Yasir
Of course, practice makes a man perfect. The more the practical exercises the better the result is. Theory is Ok just for a concept but hands on practical exercises are much effective.
1417 days ago
Mohammed Kamal Abdul Hamid Eid
with regard to class training or webinars, class is more effective since
it is face to face discussion which can generate more understanding and further extend the discussion to more other topics.
Theory is a mandatory, it will be more preferable to be followed by an exercise and real life workshops.
it will be good if I met the teacher after studying the subject matter, the same will be a suitable time for the real life application of the knowledge.
1446 days ago
Luca Romano
In the last years i've always applied a follow-up day to my training sessions. 10-15 days after the last class day I try to meet again the class to let them present an assignement where the several groups have applied what learned in class on a real project.
1446 days ago
John Mulhall
I think project management should be 1 part theory and 2 parts practice. Practical training and follow up using the mentor system should be the norm in my view.
1447 days ago
Mohamed Ali Hefnawy
Due to variety in projects due to differences in industries, I think we can have different approaches in PM training, we have bench marking projects in each industry which we can imitate and customize their success.
Classes are mandatory for discussions regarding understanding and mutual agreement bout PM concepts, which I believe is a vital part for any training. webinars are option for topics selection.
real problems in our companies may be limited to be shared for discussion and training purpose.
1447 days ago