Why did you leave me do it?

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On my way back from Alexandria to Cairo, I took a taxi to the bus station, and, just as many do, the taxi driver lit a cigarette few minutes after I got in. It's prohibited by law, but they still do! I'm someone who hates smoking smell even at a distance, not only because it's harmful to health, simply because it's a dirty smell that's unbearable. Although I always do ask drivers and others who smoke in my presence to kindly put it off, as it's normally my right to request it, in this occasion I was tired and exhausted to start another debate with another driver, just opened the window and tried to ignore it. However, it's hot, noisy, and crowded, and it's doesn't need the smoking smell to add to it, so I finally asked the driver: may you please stop smoking? And to my surprise, he started a one of its kind discussion. Unlike other drivers who silently putt off the cigarette, or fight back debating about smoking, or attempting to convince me it's about to finish to bear on, that driver confronted me with that blaming cry: why did you leave my light it? why didn't you stop me from the beginning? I want to stop smoking, and I attempt to do all the time but I return back to it, even during Ramadan I make promise to seize the fasting opportunity to stop smoking, and I keep holding on all day and few hours after breakfast, but I eventually end up smoking again, I wish if you told me not to light it when I started to do. Why did you leave me do it?!

And strangely, I felt the guilt, simply because because I really wanted to stop that man from the beginning, and he made me blame myself by blaming me for leaving do the mistake that he have always been trying hard to stop doing. Never hesitate to act positively, you will not regret it, while you may regret not doing it.

Discussion started by Rania Al-Maghraby, on 1254 days ago
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Bonnie Poppe
I really like the message. Thank you for sharing.
670 days ago
Ali Agha Jafri
It's all about positive attitude. Thanks for sharing
1247 days ago
Very Nice story,

Help people if they are willing to do something.
1252 days ago