New Webinar: Next Generation IT Operating Models and IT4IT Reference Architecture

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You are cordially invited to attend a new free webinar titled "Next Generation IT Operating Models and IT4IT Reference Architecture". The webinar is planned to be organized on Sunday, Jul. 17th, at 12:30 PM (GMT+3).

Speaker: Sukumar Daniel, CEO and Principal Architect, Action Research Foundation.


InnovationIT departments are facing the Heat; it appears that ‘Do Nothing’ is no longer an option. The world is seeing a wave of innovation which is setting the order of things on its head. The wave of innovation driving the world is visible in all walks of life; the traditional role of IT department as a supplier of technology and acting as a repair shop; is suddenly appearing to be a ‘Keep the Dinosaurs Alive’ operation. Legacy, Silo Based Technology delivery, while having reached us this far, is suddenly woefully inadequate, for IT to thrive in a world where businesses are facing challenges to their established order. There is an urgency to do things differently. Instead of maintaining the ‘Status-Quo’; and celebrating being “Always Green”; IT is becoming a strategic asset, driving innovation and integrated Strategy Road Maps; where technology and business work seamlessly to provide customers with what they want, before someone else takes customers away. Breakthrough technologies are driving innovations never seen before. To manage and effectively leverage these new ways of being, IT needs to transform from being an ‘Automobile Mechanic Shop’ and transform itself, into a ‘Customisation Studio’ that enables business to be thrive in the disruption driven world of the new millennial.

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