Integrated Performance Management

Integrated Performance Management
Saturday, 13 April 2013

Performance Management, Key Performance Indicators, Metrics Balanced Scorecard, Strategy Map, Dashboards, Performance Healthograms, Predictive Analytics, they are all concepts that have reshaped the way we manage organizations. There are however several key ingredients to make everything work: performance leadership, performance culture, adoption of systems thinking, and of a new philosophy around performance. Aurel Brudan, the CEO of The KPI Institute facilitates this learning community dedicated to building better practice around performance improvement. The community is built around a new worldview of Integrated Performance Management (IPM):

  • IPM should be viewed as the most important business discipline - it provides the foundation for human administration and purposeful achievement of desired outcomes.
  • IPM should represent an integration platform for all other business disciplines. It should enable their alignment and cross disciplinary integration.
  • IPM should be the core capability of any organisation, the backbone to which all other organisational systems and capabilities are integrated and through which they are all coordinated.
  • The value added by applying the concepts and tools of IPM is maximised when used to provide clarity, structure and learning.
  • IPM is inspired by the human understanding of nature and not just machines, thus combining organic and mechanistic views of organisations.
  • Informed by systems thinking, IPM looks at entities holistically, blending and diluting command and control thinking.
  • IPM embraces Anthony Stafford Beer’s principle of recursion to ensure alignment and interoperability across entities.
  • IPM transcends organisations. It applies at humanity, national, community, organisational, team, individual, family and personal level. PM enables systems (individuals, team, organisations, and societies) to clearly determine and act on the achievement of their purpose.
  • IPM is a powerful catalyst for personal happiness, by being an enabler of personal learning and purposeful achievement.
  • Driven by harmony, beauty and purposeful achievement, IPM puts meaning back in natural settings.


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