Continuous Improvement with Agile & Lean Transformation

Continuous Improvement with Agile & Lean Transformation
Wednesday, 08 May 2013
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Continuous improvement is a lifelong journey that requires transformation in all aspects of leadership, teams, policies and personnel.

  • Do you have a sustainable succession development methodology in place?
  • Are you continuously challenged by the ever growing competitive demands of our time?
  • Are you fire fighting the much required accelerated time to market?
  • Do you struggle to manage changing priorities?

In addition to this competitive dilemma, organizational growth has a continuous risk of unmanageable succession planning and team morale.

The objective of this community is to share the amazing experiences, challenges and ideas on how to excel in continuous improvement journeys. We will share Ideas around changing the linear mindset into a more iterative incremental model using agile and lean transformation methodologies. Based on the contextual and regional issues in GCC - we will discuss and share practical tips on how to manage changing priorities, have a sustainable succession development, leadership development and collaborative innovation.

About Naveed Khawaja:

Being the Chief Innovation Officer (CIO) of Morphilibrium Consulting (, based in the UK, Naveed Khawaja has helped numerous Fortune 100 organizations including GE, UK Government, Xerox, Standard Life etc. towards higher performance. He has, written books (, articles, blogs (, patents and delivered inspiring transformational training, coaching & talks globally (, is an Oxford Business Alumnus and was nominated for the best agile coach in the UK for 2012.

His passion is to collaborate with organizations and help them on their journey towards continuous innovation and disciplined execution.




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"Time does not dye" doesn't really work in English, for two reasons: one is that 'dyeing' is actually colouring something, rather than fading; the other is that it sounds like 'die' which could easily lead to confusion. I would just go for 'memories do not fade'. 'Time won't wash away this memory' will also work (some kind of water is implied in the metaphor by 'wash away' so you don't even need to mention streams or currents). If you say "time does not erode; memories do not fade" that's a mixed metaphor - I would go for one or the other ("Time will not erode this memory"). I hope this helps.
Last replied by Andy Smith on Wednesday, 13 May 2015
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Check out my blog from time to time to find great articles on experiments and other related topics:
Last replied by David Siegel on Tuesday, 01 October 2013
Lot of people discuss and stress upon "Trust" in Leadership, but Trust is gained through experience; however, Faith is what we consider Blind. One has to have a Faith in him or herself to deliver or achieve certain objectives setforth for him or herself. That also covers the issue of Followers, as you become follower of your ownself by following your faith to lead and reach towards your goal. What do you think about the concept of Faith Leadership -- ?
Last replied by Ali Agha Jafri on Saturday, 22 June 2013