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PALM | Program for Advanced Leadership and Management (Private)

PALM | Program for Advanced Leadership and Management
Tuesday, 15 April 2014
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The road ahead for Corporates seems tough and narrow, the over daunting competition haunting the businesses is severe than any other challenge. In such a dynamic and competitive environment, it is likely that strategies businesses pursue today won’t work for them in the future. The call of the day is to build an ecosystem which can supplant strategic innovation in businesses decision making process.

The Program for Advanced Leadership and Management (PALM) keeping in view the regional needs and the industry competitive pressures, offers the latest management concepts and tools, focused on transforming senior executives into leaders. The participants will leave with a broader vision of success and shall be equipped to make tough decisions required to succeed in today’s global economy.

PALM is an opportunity for senior executives to recharge their batteries, keep up-to-date with best management practices and develop their leadership skills. Focusing on impact, this high-level multinational forum challenges business leaders both personally and professionally. Through interaction with international and diverse peers as well as professors from top business schools, authors of best-selling books, and highly experienced consultants from the top global consulting firms, participants will have the opportunity to expand their business repertoire to include new concepts, paradigms and practices.

The program addresses core business management areas such as strategic planning, corporate finance, marketing and branding, operational excellence, down turn in the global economic environment, and multinational business strategies for the global and dynamic business environment. The program also offers especial business simulation to provide practical insights and to address live decision making process as it aims to sharpen participants' leadership skills through action learning, personality profiling and executive coaching.

To insure life-long learning, participants will leave with essential printed must-have references, access to the best on-line learning resources and a very rich network of global and local peers.