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High Performance Governments (Private)

High Performance Governments
Sunday, 23 December 2012
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Today’s government and public sector challenges demand strategic, responsible and ethical executive leadership. Our Leadership Program on High Performance Governments offers the latest management concepts and tools, focused on transforming senior civil servants into leaders. Participants leave with a broader vision of success resources and knowledge necessary to make the tough decisions required to succeed in today’s global economy. The program combines top quality content, world-class faculty and live regional case studies. Through participation in this program, participants will be able to attain the following outcomes:-

  • Broader insight of up-to-date government and public sector fundamentals.
  • Develop deep understanding of value creation in government and public sector environment.
  • Increased confidence to make better, more informed decisions at a national level.
  • Develop quality improvements initiative for tangible results.
  • Learn how to design, develop, and deploy high performance accountable public services.
  • Identify, evaluate and disseminate best practices for information technology issues in the public sector.
  • Create an increasingly interoperable, responsive and cost effective government by bridging the gap between strategy and mission success.