Healthcare Management :Quality, Information & Technology Management

Healthcare Management :Quality, Information & Technology Management

Healthcare Management : Quality, Information Technology & Technology Management

Common principles and methods of management are practiced in various industries; however the importance of quality improvement in striving for performance excellence is nowhere more critical than in the healthcare environment,where it directly impacts human life and the quality of human life. Furthermore, the rapid exponential increase in Information Technology and Medical Technology in Healthcare warrants special attention to their management to optimally utilize resources for healthcare delivery improvement.

The HC - Q, IT & TM community will disseminate the use of the latest approaches, strategies, techniques and tools of quality management principles for performance improvement in the Environment of Care. The customers (patients and associated friends and family) in the healthcare environment are unique, in that they are at a disadvantage, and not in the usualframe of mind of a typical customer in other industries. Thus, a patient-centered approach needs to be adopted to meet target outcomes.

This community will focus on the peculiar nuances of the usual methodologies such as, Six Sigma, Constraints Management, Kaizen, Lean, 5S (a 6th S – for Patient Safety added in healthcare) etc. as applied to healthcare. It will comprise of world class members sharing their expertise and experiences in an interactive manner for group enhancement.

The participants in this Community will gain and enhance their ken and information in the following areas:

  • A detailed understanding of the unique healthcare applications of quality management approaches and tools for the systematic analysis of performance with the objective of improving healthcare delivery.
  • The practical application of quality management tools for optimal utilization of resources (human, technologies and capital equipment, information systems etc.) in a healthcare delivery organization (HDO)
  • Development , selection, measurement and analysis of performance indicators for structure, process and outcome in a healthcare delivery organization (HDO)
  • Identification of root cause(s) of preventable medical errors and their reduction/elimination

Participants will also develop the following skills as applied to the healthcare environment:

  • Quality management skills for the healthcare environment
    • Administrative, Management and Organizational skills, including change management
    • HR staffing and development, training, knowledge management and team building
    • Policies and procedures and Workflow design

  • Application of managerial and engineering skills for improving patient care through:
    • Health Information Technology Management and Record keeping
    • Medical Equipment Technology Management- Strategic Equipment Planning, Technology Assessment,
    • Equipment Procurement and Integration, budget allocation and technology life cycle assets management
    • Medical equipment maintenance management planning and implementation

  • Skills in the use of tools in healthcare specific TQM applications e.g.:
    • Quality and performance measurement, benchmarking data, feedback
    • Brainstorming, flowcharts and expert decision making
    • Data presentation tools: bar, pie, run, control and pare to charts,histograms and scatter diagrams etc.

  • Skills in Healthcare applications of analysis tools e.g.:
    • Root Cause Analysis (RCA)
    • Failure Mode and Effects analysis (FMEA)& FMEC(Criticality)A
    • Cause and Effect (C & E) analysis
    • Critical-to-Quality (CTQ) analysis
  • Dr. Najib Azhar
    Welcome to the Healthcare: Quality, Information & Technology Management Community
    Dear member,

    It’s certainly exciting to see the viral interest and enthusiasm generated in this community. Our collective success is ensured by sharing our diverse expertise and experience for a common purpose; flourishing through skills enhancement and information expansion.

    Please feel free to contribute as well as comment and participate in the discussions brought up in this community and make suggestions for activities. Each one of us is a vital part of this community and its success depends on all of us.

    Prof. Dr. Najib Azhar
    Wednesday, 17 April 2013 by Dr. Najib Azhar
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