What does it take for people to align behind change?
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Monday, May 8th, 2017
3:00 PM KSA / 12:00 Noon GMT
Martin Gilbraith, Michael Ambjorn

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'Change is the only constant'

So asserted Heraclitus a couple of millennia ago - and it holds true today. Yet, some studies suggest that as many as 70% of change programmes fail.

We're here to help improve your chances by aligning people, resources and effort using accessible tools and techniques. Through three practical case studies we'll show how leaders in organisations large and small have created the conditions for people to align behind change.

We'll walk through proven methodologies and also take your burning questions.

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Learn to develop Peak Performance Habits
Lorenzo Paoli

This webinar focuses on the formation of peak performance habits and strategies to become a natural peak performer in your field.

In a world where goal-setting rules as the leading strategy for business and personal matters, organizations are now understanding that goal-setting has great limitations.

In a complex, ever-changing world, the ability to recognize, create and change ...

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The Happiness Sweet Spot for your organisation
Lars Kure Juul Nielsen

Lars Kure Juul Nielsen will share a framework that help organisations finding and developing a real Competitive Advantage by focussing efforts - and strategy - on:

Cultivating an organisational culture of Compassion. A strong organisational Heartfelt Purpose or WHY. Leadership Practice focused on Talent Management & Talent Leadership. From a strategic and organisational perspectiv ...

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How to Get Results Without Losing Your Soul In the Process
David Dye
Trailblaze, Inc.

Today's leaders face a hyper-competitive environment sandwiched between business realities and the needs of the people they supervise. Without the tools to win well, leaders too often become isolated, frustrated and burnout - in short, they lose their soul.

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Private-public partnerships: lessons from experience
Dr. Paul Chapman

The previous webinar introduced the concept of Public-Private Partnerships. It was designed for those who must make high-level judgements about PPP proposals. This is the first of two webinars providing more details for those who must advise the high-level decision-makers.

In this second webinar, Dr Chapman examines particular instances of PPPs.

Dr. Chapman shows how it is the d ...

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Your Path to Powerful Presentations
Linda Sage

Do you turn to jelly at the mere thought of speaking in public, or presenting in front of your management, peers or teams? You are not alone, Glossophobia is the top fear of 82% of Americans, and that is speaking in their own language. Speaking in public in your own language is scary enough, doing it in an additional language is equivalent to being a super hero.

There is no doubt that i ...

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Secrets to effective culture shaping
Dustin Seale
Senn Delaney

What is culture and its impact on performance. Examples of effective culture shaping. Principles of culture shaping. Role of leadership in shaping culture. Culture shaping in the GCC/Saudi Context. ...

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