What does it take for people to align behind change?
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Monday, May 8th, 2017
3:00 PM KSA / 12:00 Noon GMT
Martin Gilbraith, Michael Ambjorn

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'Change is the only constant'

So asserted Heraclitus a couple of millennia ago - and it holds true today. Yet, some studies suggest that as many as 70% of change programmes fail.

We're here to help improve your chances by aligning people, resources and effort using accessible tools and techniques. Through three practical case studies we'll show how leaders in organisations large and small have created the conditions for people to align behind change.

We'll walk through proven methodologies and also take your burning questions.

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How to Grow your Company Globally & Profitably
Dr. Charles Newman
Newman Executive Education and Development

Developing a profitable expansion into the global markets does not happen by accident. This webinar identifies and reviews time proven real world international decision analysis techniques for identifying country opportunities for specific industries, assessing and mitigating the associated country risks and incorporating both into developing a specific, systematic global expansion strategy. It ...

MILE Webinar Management System
Marketing is poorly measured; you can help change that
Prof. Neil Bendle
Ivey Business School

In this webinar Neil Bendle will outline challenges with measuring marketing, and how marketers abuse metrics. Neil will outline examples of the poor use of metrics such as the confusion over customer lifetime value (CLV) and incorrect interpretations of the value of a social media like. He will offer a way --- the WAITA model --- to decide what marketing metrics to use.

Neil will discu ...

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How Big Companies 'borrow' Lean Startup Innovation Practices
Bob Dorf
Dorf Enterprises LLC

The "Lean Startup" phenomenon, known also as Customer Development, has truly taken the world by storm, with thousands of startups and hundreds of established companies driving disruptive innovation with the "test-and-iterate" approach to designing, optimizing, and testing new business ideas with the only opinions that matter-customers. Join Bob Dorf, co-author of the global-bestseller, "The Sta ...

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Is culture adapting to the world?
Prof. Ignacio Vazquez
Vazquez Elliott & Associates

What are customers wants and needs? What possible reason would they have to choose your product just like it is?

Global Culture opens vast new vistas of market opportunities. Global Culture means; attending the new global consumers where they are.

Think it twice before adapting you product to the foreign market.


MILE Webinar Management System
How to make business success simple
John Spence
John Spence LLC

Based on more than 20 years working with organizations around the world, from entrepreneurial startups to the top of the Fortune 500, this webinar will outline the foundational elements needed to build and sustain a highly successful business. The program is built around the instructor's "formula for business excellence," which was derived from synthesizing more than 280,000 pages of the leadin ...

MILE Webinar Management System
How to Lead Like Water to drive unity in diversity
Andrew Ma, PhD
Chorev Consulting International Ltd.

Think of water for a second. What is your first impression when you come across this term?

Weak? Common? Boring?

Now think about Leadership?

Strong? Extraordinary? Outstanding?

When Bruce Lee, the legendary Kung Fu movie star, was asked about his philosophy of his martial art, he said: "Be water, my friend!". In fact, waterlistic leadership is base on the founder ...

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