What does it take for people to align behind change?
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Monday, May 8th, 2017
3:00 PM KSA / 12:00 Noon GMT
Martin Gilbraith, Michael Ambjorn

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'Change is the only constant'

So asserted Heraclitus a couple of millennia ago - and it holds true today. Yet, some studies suggest that as many as 70% of change programmes fail.

We're here to help improve your chances by aligning people, resources and effort using accessible tools and techniques. Through three practical case studies we'll show how leaders in organisations large and small have created the conditions for people to align behind change.

We'll walk through proven methodologies and also take your burning questions.

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Why Don't People Just Do What You Ask?
Peter Freeth
Genius Ltd

As a leader, your success depends on delegating tasks and responsibilities. You do your best to be clear, to explain what needs to be done, yet it doesn't happen. Perhaps the result isn't what you expected, or perhaps there was no result at all.

You spend more of your valuable time putting it right, and you think that it would have been quicker to just do it yourself.

Why does t ...

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How to Leverage Risk Management to Conquer Projects
Dr. Hasnain Rizvi
AAA Institute

Risk is inherent in all business practices, processes and decisions. Rapid growth of global markets is forcing organizations to become more proactive and responsive to risk. Effective risk management is a critical success factor. Yet many organizations today face a crisis in project risk management. Introduction of total quality management, continuous improvement programs and the drive to radic ...

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Why 70% of change programmes STILL fail?
Rod Willis
Assentire Ltd

'Resistance to change' is often cited as the number one reason why a change programme has not delivered to the level stakeholders wanted.

Organisations need to respond to turbulent market conditions, achieving more with fewer resources - but change can be very difficult for some people.

Our latest research integrating experience and insight from senior leaders & practitioner ...

MILE Webinar Management System
Winning With Character
Dr. Jason Jones
Strata Leadership

The behavior of your employees will determine the success of your organization. Whether it is customer service, product quality, timeliness of delivery or management practices, how your people behave at all levels will impact your organizations ability to meet your goals and ultimately live your mission. That is why building the character of your people and of your organization is vital.

< ...

MILE Webinar Management System
Mastering the Language of Influence
Hawa Charfaray
Training Excellence

Can you imagine Business profits increasing by 10-30%? That is what companies are able to immediately experience by avoiding bad hires and improving hiring decisions.

A Short program packed with practical real world applications for leaders who need to predict and influence behavior in a team to succeed.

Working towards achieving a leap in communication. Imagine what you could a ...

MILE Webinar Management System
Use LinkedIn to make decision-makers fall in love with you
Fatemah Mirza

You can either waste your time trying to get LinkedIn to work for you, or you can use a few shortcuts that will help you find and collaborate with your target audience faster. Before you initiate conversations on LinkedIn, however, your LinkedIn profile has to command authority and credibility for you.

In this webinar, Fatemah Mirza CERM, CARW will guide you through key "friction" point ...

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