What does it take for people to align behind change?
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Monday, May 8th, 2017
3:00 PM KSA / 12:00 Noon GMT
Martin Gilbraith, Michael Ambjorn

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'Change is the only constant'

So asserted Heraclitus a couple of millennia ago - and it holds true today. Yet, some studies suggest that as many as 70% of change programmes fail.

We're here to help improve your chances by aligning people, resources and effort using accessible tools and techniques. Through three practical case studies we'll show how leaders in organisations large and small have created the conditions for people to align behind change.

We'll walk through proven methodologies and also take your burning questions.

Archived Webinars:
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Take Your Blindfolds Off: Reinvent in 2017
Kate Sweetman
Sweetman Cragun

Change can only happen when both the individual and the company are ready, willing and able to change in the same direction at the same time. Too often, development efforts only address the needs of the individual OR the organization. How do you help individuals to feel a desire to change, and guide them in the right direction? How can you diagnose and eliminate the barriers to learning and cha ...

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How Great CEO's Create Value: Lessons from Private Equity
Michael McDermott
Arcadia Group

Top private equity firms have consistently outperformed most businesses, and any company can adapt best practices to accelerate value creation. This presentation focuses on the activities and leadership competencies of great CEO's, and how leaders may develop themselves further to become great CEO's. These insights come from researching and/or directly working with over 125 companies from a top ...

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Stop Workplace Drama
Marlene Chism
Marlene Chism, Inc

In today's climate of uncertainty and rapid change, the ability to identify and eliminate drama has never been more relevant. Marlene Chism has cracked the code on what contributes to drama and how to go from a problem-solving mentality to a creator orientation to build the culture, the team and the business you want.

In this lively webinar, executive educator, consultant and author Mar ...

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Discovering the Art & Science of Leadership Thinking
David Creelman, John Cimino
Creelman Research, Creative Leaps International

"Leadership without science is unconvincing. Leadership without art is uninspiring."

-Dr. Henry Mintzberg (paraphrased)

"Man is unique, not because he does science and not because he doe art. But because science and arts equally are expressions of his mind."

-Dr. Jacob Bronowski

Evidence-based practice is transforming medicine, education and clinical psychology. ...

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How to Lead with Purpose & Radically Transform Your Work
Zach Mercurio
Colorado State University

Research steadily finds that people who live, lead, and work with purpose live up to 7 years longer, are 42% more likely to experience contentment in life and at work, and are four times more likely to be engaged and productive in their jobs (Gallup, 2013; National Institutes of Health,1998; New York University, 2015).

And organizations and leaders that prioritize, instill, and communic ...

MILE Webinar Management System
How to Deal with Financing Risk
Dr. Andrea Moro (Laurea, MBA, PhD, PGCHE)
Cranfield University

Finance plays a key role in firm's success: it is vital in pricing products correctly as well as in selecting the projects the firm should pursue; the mix of different sources of finance impact on the risk the firm incurs and its potential failure.

This webinar looks at the risk incurred by the firm when financing its investments by explaining the importance of matching the cash generat ...

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