How To Build A High Performing Team
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Monday, May 1st, 2017
4:00 PM KSA / 1:00 PM GMT
Darrell W. Gunter

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Successful companies are driven for consistent high-level performance buy consistently focusing on the best practices in every aspect of their business. They are relentless in the training and development of their knowledge workers. The leaders of the business demonstrate these best practices and the team members follow and resemble their behaviors. Building a high performing team requires a mindset; methodology and consistency of practice will create a culture of success that will position the company for long-term success.

This webinar will provide the foundational elements of the best practices of high performing companies.

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How to Turn Team Members into Team Players
Yosh Beier
Collaborative Coaching

Team-based work has become the dominant form of collaboration. But much of the promise and potential of "team work" remains unfulfilled: Only few teams live up to the level of collective intelligence and performance they could reach. Decades of research and training haven't significantly changed this reality. So what get's in the way?

True collaboration is more than a coordination of ef ...

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''How does your leadership compare with Steve Jobs?''
Dr. Matt Barney

Most people don't know that the latest measurement approaches allow you to systematically improve your leadership faster than ever before possible. Great leaders, like athletes, measure themselves, seek out challenges, and get support to continually beat their personal bests.

In this webinar, Dr. Matt Barney will introduce a new approach to helping you measure yourself, and learning les ...

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Why Leading Talent through Neuroscience is Vital Today!
Sonia McDonald

Leadership Excellence Community answers them why as well as the how in leadership development and education as well as the management of organisational and personal change.

Leadership Excellence Community takes a Neuroscience and Strengths Based approach to leadership development and learning. Neuroscience is the study of the nervous system and it advances our understanding of human tho ...

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''Three Steps to Becoming an Authentic Leader''
Phil Eastman II
Leadership Advisors Group

The research is definitive; engaged employees are more productive. So, how do you engage employees? It is simple, through authentic leadership. An authentic leader has the passion and capability to transparently engage, motivate and move people toward the achievement of shared goals.

There is considerable information that describes authentic leadership but, precious little about how to ...

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Leading a 4-Step Strategic Change
Naveed Khawaja
Morphilibrium Consulting, UK

Why do more than 70% of the change initiatives fail?
What is the missing secret ingredient in bringing about a lasting change?
How do you enable a sustainable and continuously improving culture?

The best model for strategic change management has finally been discovered.

In addition to exploring various models for change management from the gurus of our time, the speake ...

MILE Webinar Management System
Organizational Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast
Miles Anthony Smith
Rawhide Boys Ranch

Why do so many organizations fail to achieve their goals and objectives? Is it the result of a lack of strategy and execution? Or is it a result of the organization's culture....its norms and modus operandi? And while strategy is highly important, culture is just as important if not more so.

Most often senior leaders overlook the importance of developing the right kind of culture, and a ...

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