What does it take for people to align behind change?
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Monday, May 8th, 2017
3:00 PM KSA / 12:00 Noon GMT
Martin Gilbraith, Michael Ambjorn

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'Change is the only constant'

So asserted Heraclitus a couple of millennia ago - and it holds true today. Yet, some studies suggest that as many as 70% of change programmes fail.

We're here to help improve your chances by aligning people, resources and effort using accessible tools and techniques. Through three practical case studies we'll show how leaders in organisations large and small have created the conditions for people to align behind change.

We'll walk through proven methodologies and also take your burning questions.

Archived Webinars:
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How to Plan a Negotiation Meeting
Christine MORLET
French Professional Speakers Association

In addition to arriving to an agreement, planning is one of the most important aspects of a negotiation meeting. Poor planning can result in allowing the other party to take more concessions than you were originally willing to give, which may result in unrealistic expectations of your company and the terms of future negotiations, as well as reduce your profitability.

The more time you d ...

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7-Step faithful conflict resolution
Naveed Khawaja
Morphilibrium Consulting, UK

Do conflicts from the past come back and haunt you because of your irrational behavior at the time?

Try and recall a painful experience of disagreement. The conflict scenario could be with your business colleague, loved ones or the customer?
Can you think of many better ways of addressing the situation in a more rational way in hindsight?

If the answer is yes - ...

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How to Turn Team Members into Team Players
Yosh Beier
Collaborative Coaching

Team-based work has become the dominant form of collaboration. But much of the promise and potential of "team work" remains unfulfilled: Only few teams live up to the level of collective intelligence and performance they could reach. Decades of research and training haven't significantly changed this reality. So what get's in the way?

True collaboration is more than a coordination of ef ...

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''How does your leadership compare with Steve Jobs?''
Dr. Matt Barney

Most people don't know that the latest measurement approaches allow you to systematically improve your leadership faster than ever before possible. Great leaders, like athletes, measure themselves, seek out challenges, and get support to continually beat their personal bests.

In this webinar, Dr. Matt Barney will introduce a new approach to helping you measure yourself, and learning les ...

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Why Leading Talent through Neuroscience is Vital Today!
Sonia McDonald

Leadership Excellence Community answers them why as well as the how in leadership development and education as well as the management of organisational and personal change.

Leadership Excellence Community takes a Neuroscience and Strengths Based approach to leadership development and learning. Neuroscience is the study of the nervous system and it advances our understanding of human tho ...

MILE Webinar Management System
''Three Steps to Becoming an Authentic Leader''
Phil Eastman II
Leadership Advisors Group

The research is definitive; engaged employees are more productive. So, how do you engage employees? It is simple, through authentic leadership. An authentic leader has the passion and capability to transparently engage, motivate and move people toward the achievement of shared goals.

There is considerable information that describes authentic leadership but, precious little about how to ...

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