How To Build A High Performing Team
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Monday, May 1st, 2017
4:00 PM KSA / 1:00 PM GMT
Darrell W. Gunter

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Successful companies are driven for consistent high-level performance buy consistently focusing on the best practices in every aspect of their business. They are relentless in the training and development of their knowledge workers. The leaders of the business demonstrate these best practices and the team members follow and resemble their behaviors. Building a high performing team requires a mindset; methodology and consistency of practice will create a culture of success that will position the company for long-term success.

This webinar will provide the foundational elements of the best practices of high performing companies.

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Administrative Reforms and High Performance: The Human Dimension
J. Edward Kellough
The University of Georgia

This webinar addresses the broad implications of administrative reforms that have focused for the past fifteen years on managerialist ideals emphasizing the deregulation and decentralization of organizations and the use of market-oriented rather than regulatory approaches to management.

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