Leader vs Manager: an obsolete concept?
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Monday, May 29th, 2017
1:00 PM KSA / 10:00 AM GMT
Costi Bifani

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The differences between a Manager and a Leader have graced most of the Leadership seminars, workshops, essays, and books. They are a staple of managerial discussions. However, gradually over time, many traits that were leaders' own are now being taught to most managers as a requirement for good performance. So what has been the legacy of the Leadership concept to managers? And what still differentiate a Leader from a Manager nowadays?

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Administrative Reforms and High Performance: The Human Dimension
J. Edward Kellough
The University of Georgia

This webinar addresses the broad implications of administrative reforms that have focused for the past fifteen years on managerialist ideals emphasizing the deregulation and decentralization of organizations and the use of market-oriented rather than regulatory approaches to management.

While the stated goal of these reforms ...

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Major Trends in Public Service Reform
Tony Dean
University of Toronto

What does the future of public service delivery look like? Governments in many countries are looking for ways to sustain public services in the face of economic turbulence and shrinking revenues. At the same time they are ma ...

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The Mistakes CFOs Make
Dr. Henri Servaes
London Business School

The role of a financial manager has changed dramatically over the past 10-15 years. The tools and securities available to analyse alternatives and manage risks have increased exponentially. At the same time, financial managers have become more knowledgeable about modern financial theory, its applications, and its shortcomings. All of this has occurred simultaneous t ...

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