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Taming the Beast of CRM data
Tuesday, October 24th, 2017
1:00 PM KSA (/ 10:00 AM GMT)
Gill Walker

Behind all successful CRM solutions lies great data. So all the data's in your CRM. Now how do you get it out? And how do you turn that data into useful information?

CRM projects are great at designing ways for users (and sometimes clients and prospects) to put data into the CRM. They are often not so good at helping those same users to get information out in ways that help them serve the clients effectively.

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How Cutting-Edge Technology Revolutionizes Management
Jim Toft

The biggest pains of management is often lack of readily available information for informed, accurate, and well-documented decision-making. It is not uncommon for managers at all levels to mobilize an army of controllers and finance persons when facing opportunities or challenges. If major decisions are to be made and executives or board members must be briefed, the urgency and activities seem ...

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10 Essential techniques in working with KPIs
Aurel Brudan
KPI Institute

KPIs are widely used today across organisational levels, yet in many cases they are incorrectly selected, measured and used. A relevant comparison is to prescription medicine - if used with professional advice it can add value, while in its absence many issues can occur. At the core of using KPIs right are simple tools and associated techniques that enable a rigorous approach to working with KP ...

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The Top 4 Failures in Outsourcing Implementations
Naveed Khawaja
Morphilibrium Consulting, UK

More than half of the global outsourcing partnership projects fail and even more go beyond budget.

Agreements with blue-chip service providers do not achieve successful results if you underestimate the importance of Change Management in outsourcing.

Do your software projects meet their initial expectations? Are your projects completed on-time and within budget? Did you know tha ...

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Building Innovation in Telecommunications Operator Groups
Mr. David Tusa
Booz & Co

Lessons Learned, Success Characteristics, Models and Implementation Imperatives

Why do companies find growth through innovation challenging? What are the main obstacles which prevent innovation being widely accepted and embraced as a driver for company development and growth? What are the central characteristics of successful, highly innovative companies? What are the most important f ...

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