Questions which keep Business Leaders awake at night!
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Wednesday, June 21st, 2017
8:00 PM KSA / 5:00 PM GMT
Mike Driver

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As business leaders, it's vital to get information quickly. Having accurate and up to date information is important for decision making so, I imagine this is a key area which you focus on. Getting fast responses to ad hoc, client-related, questions, as well as generating reports and analysis on business direction immediately will have a major influence on your on-going business success.

This requires getting and then making the best possible use of technology. This webinar will look at a small number of typical 'day to day' questions relating to customers, new business and revenue. We will look at ways of handling them and demonstrate the benefits that improved data flow and accuracy will bring. We will cover the following:

  • To consider where your new business comes from and, based on this, where the marketing effort should be directed.
  • The amount of time sales spendon selling. This raises many other questions such as 'what do we mean by selling' and 'how are we able to measure it'.
  • What happens when a client calls. Are all your staff members, in different 'client facing' departments, able to access information about the client and give consistent and helpful messages.
  • How accurate is your sales forecasting? As this drives so many parts of the business, particularly operations and revenue, what can be done to improve it?
  • Having good communication with clients is important but what about within the office? Is information shared, are processes simple and understood by everyone, and is there consistency around terminology and language.

Each of you will have your own specific queries. We will consider how to identify these and, in addition, will provide the five key elements which need to be put into place to enable you to get answers you need to all the important sales, new business development and client related questions which you have in your company.

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