How to Lead Like Water to drive unity in diversity
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Tuesday, July 4th, 2017
3:00 PM KSA / 12:00 PM GMT
Andrew Ma, PhD

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Think of water for a second. What is your first impression when you come across this term?

Weak? Common? Boring?

Now think about Leadership?

Strong? Extraordinary? Outstanding?

When Bruce Lee, the legendary Kung Fu movie star, was asked about his philosophy of his martial art, he said: "Be water, my friend!". In fact, waterlistic leadership is base on the founder of philosophical Taoism, Laozi in China. The characteristics of water such as adaptiveness, authenticity, transparency, etc. are not only relevant to the key characteristics to successful sages in ancient China, but they are also relevant and important, based on latest research from the speaker, to 21st-century leaders universally as well.

As the majority of the workforce are more and more composing of the Millennial generation, leaders need to lead like water to use new leadership style to communicate, develop and motivate the leaders. This webinar will highlight the concept of waterlistic leadership, and how to use this concept to apply to the new generational workforce that emphases more open dialogue, less authoritative, and more emotional connection.

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