How to turn uncertainty into a competitive advantage?
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Wednesday, September 20th, 2017
4:00 PM KSA / 1:00 PM GMT
Prof. Patricio Rojas Errazuriz

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In times of increasing uncertainty and change, seemingly robust strategies crumble surprisingly quickly. New competitors appear overnight, customers' preferences change, and global emergent events increase pressure on organizations. A worldwide study by the American Management Association finds that almost 70% of organizations experience disruptions and unexpected shocks each year, and in nearly 60% of the cases the consequences are significant, even threatening organizational viability.

Changes in the environment represent opportunities that passivity turns into risk. Unfortunately, many managers only pay attention to them in times of crisis; in good times they are too busy with the workload and demands of day-to-day requirements. Moreover, taking advantage of these changes rather than suffering their consequences is no easy task and requires appropriate tools, frameworks, and models. As a result, many organizations do not pay enough attention to managing uncertainty, thereby increasing both the likelihood and the severity of its consequences.

In order to understand whether it is possible to manage uncertainty and turn this capacity into a competitive advantage, we studied companies in various industries, from power generation to agriculture, through professional services, entertainment, education and production. The guiding questions were:

  • How do successful companies manage uncertainty compared to less successful ones?
  • To what extent do the frequency and severity of disruptions a company suffers depend on organizational structural factors?
  • What can companies do to improve their anticipation and resilience capabilities?
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