How to create & lead ELITE Teams to Business Success
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Monday, June 19th, 2017
1:00 PM KSA / 10:00 AM GMT
Martin Murphy

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In the 21st Century, technological and social advancements are transforming the business landscape. The world is moving towards an era where the necessity of developing high performance teams is requisite for success. The problem is, people are complex creatures and as the team grows the entrepreneur or business leader crashes into what I call, the LEADER Wall. Very much like the Marathon runner, hitting the 'Wall' can make progress uncertain, frustrating and profits suffer as a result.

The challenges of the LEADER Wall include NOT being able to:

  • Leverage the full potential of your team.
  • Execute on vital tasks.
  • Attract the top talent to your mission.
  • Delegate effectively.
  • Engage the team effectively.
  • Resist doing the same things and expecting a different result!
  • All of these challenges affect the bottom line.

To help leaders, entrepreneurs and managers I developed a concept around ELITE Teams based on my time in the Special Forces and my experience of setting up Special Project teams internationally in the corporate sector. This experience is backed up with over a decade of personal research around peak performance, teamwork and leadership.

ELITE Teams are agile, creative and enterprising because they focus on striving for excellence. Being free from organisational inertia they all exhibit leadership potential. ELITE teams are cohesive teams and depend on each other to achieve outstanding results. They are continuously learning and developing and have tools which enable them to communicate effectively in meetings and through coaching and innovation sessions. As with all things in life, ELITE Teams are evolving and can adapt effectively to whatever challenges appear on the horizon or out of the blue.

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MILE Webinar Management System
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