How to Leverage Your Personal Brand to Attract Massive Opportunities
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Tuesday, March 27th, 2018
3:00 PM KSA / 12:00 PM GMT
Simone Vincenzi

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What makes the most influential leaders influential?

How are they able to create movements, launch amazing products and build a loyal following in their organisations and businesses?

How can those leaders attract consistent opportunities instead of chasing them?

The answer to those questions is PERSONAL BRANDING.

Those leaders were able to use their uniqueness to build a loyal stream of fans that follow them wherever they go and buy consistently their products and services. It has been proven that people connect more with people than logos.

I am sure you can think of an example of few global or local leaders that you respect and you feel you know and trust them even if you have not met them in person before. However, still many leaders hide behind their organisation or business logo without realising that they are the secret ingredients that make their business unique. Not their product, not their service, but themselves. This is not only causing them to work harder and longer hours for fewer results, but is also affecting their bottom line.

In this webinar, I will show you how I have been using my personal brand to attract more deals, business opportunities, higher paying customers and to create one of the largest communities of experts in the UK.

I will share how I can have prequalified conversation with potential leads that already wanted to work together because they trust me before even meeting me in person.

You will also learn the exact steps you need to take to grow a solid personal brand that creates loyal followers and opens doors for you.

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