7-Step faithful conflict resolution

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7-Step faithful conflict resolution
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26 February 2014
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7-Step faithful conflict resolution | Naveed Khawaja | CEO | Morphilibrium

This document is the soft copy of the presentation by Naveed Khawaja.

Do conflicts from the past come back and haunt you because of your irrational behavior at the time?

Try and recall a painful experience of disagreement. The conflict scenario could be with your business colleague, loved ones or the customer? 
Can you think of many better ways of addressing the situation in a more rational way in hindsight?

If the answer is yes - you are not the only one. 

Motivated and satisfied people take control of the situation instead of letting emotions take over.

In this webinar, let us explore the psychological model behind a win-win response development and act differently.
We will discuss common and practical examples and apply the 7-step process to real world conflicts and appreciate the outcomes.

What will you learn?

Why is conflict necessary for mental growth?
What is the untamed response to conflict?
How can we act differently to take control?


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Watch Webinar @ 7-Step faithful conflict resolution | Naveed Khawaja | CEO | Morphilibrium

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