Hi-Definition Conversations: Leader Support On-Line

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Hi-Definition Conversations: Leader Support On-Line
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07 May 2014
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Hi-Definition Conversations: Leader Support On-Line | Timi Gleason | Leadership Coach, Strategic Planner

Fifty percent of CEO's and an even higher number of top leaders are remotely located and find themselves professionally isolated as consequences of their business assignments or industries. When problems arise at work, they lack access to trusted peers who can brainstorm ideas and talk through problems. In some countries, monthly-in-person leadership support meetings exist for CEO's who can get to metropolitan cities. They travel offsite for a full day to discuss their business challenges with other like-minded CEO's. And until recently, those who were without access to one of these in-person groups, coped alone with the stress caused from their business isolation. Learn about new resources that reduce travel and promote building business acumen. We discuss:

  • How leaders, project teams, and niche market experts are meeting remotely.
  • The ground rules/agreements that must be in place to make these meetings successful.
  • The critical role of Virtual Facilitators in assuring results.
  • The possibilities creatively and culturally with facilitated, virtual brainstorming sessions.

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