Leading Change Courageously

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Leading Change Courageously
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16 July 2014
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Leading Change Courageously |Walter McFarland | Founder | Windmill Human Performance, LLC

This document is the soft copy of the presentation by Walter McFarland.

The presentation suggests that a key leadership action involves integrating learning into change courageously. A great step in performing organizational change better is leading it better and leading great change demands courage. Drawing from research for the book Choosing Change (a Soundview best business book of 2014 and recipient of an AXIOM Silver Medal), this presentation uses data from interviews with 60 executives in 14 Fortune Global organizations to highlight eight actions that matter in leading successful organizational change.

  • The audience will learn:

    • 8 key things leaders do that really matter in organizational change.
    • Key mistakes to avoid when leading change.
    • The important role of neuroscience in organizational change.
    • Why the actions of leaders matter more than the words of consultants.

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