eNgaging Change - Leading Change Effectively

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eNgaging Change - Leading Change Effectively
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04 August 2014
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eNgaging Change - Leading Change Effectively | Nick Fewings | Managing Director | Ngagementworks

This document is the soft copy of the presentation by Nick Fewings.

The presentation suggests that 70% of projects and change initiatives fail to achieve their business goals. The top 3 reasons relate to people are: 

1) Lack of strong leadership 

                             2) Lack of proven approach to project management and understanding of team skills 

                             3) Lack of effective engagement with stakeholders

  • The audience will learn:

    • An understanding of their preferred leadership style
    • Information on the potential skills mix required in a successful project team and
    • Tools and techniques to engage more effectively with stakeholders and achieve their buy-in and commitment
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