3 Keys to Unlock Engagement and Alignment on Your Team

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3 Keys to Unlock Engagement and Alignment on Your Team
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21 August 2014
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3 Keys to Unlock Engagement and Alignment on Your Team | Kevin Kruse Author, Keynote Speaker, Entrepreneur | Society of Pharmaceutical and Biotech Trainers

This document is the soft copy of the presentation by Kevin Kruse.

Recent surveys continue to show levels of job satisfaction and employee engagement to be at record lows. This is a crisis for business and individuals alike. Based on his NY Times bestseller, We: How to Increase Performance and Profits Through Full Engagement, Kevin Kruse presents conclusions from surveys of over 10 million workers in 150 countries and based on his own experience as a former Best Place to Work award winning CEO.

What will you learn?

  • Learn about new research that shows that highly engaged companies achieve a 5x higher shareholder return than companies with disengaged workers
  • Gain insight on how the spillover and crossover effects are causing your own career satisfaction to impact your health, marriage and children
  • Experience easy and affordable actions leaders can take to create an environment rich in employee engagement
  • Discover the three key drivers of employee engagement.

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