Leverage Relationships for Sustainable Advantage

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Leverage Relationships for Sustainable Advantage
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07 September 2014
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Leverage Relationships for Sustainable Advantage | David Hain | Director | Transformation Partners (Wales) Ltd.

This document is the soft copy of the presentation by David Hain.

Leadership fads come and go, some more long-lasting, others ephemeral. Through them all runs a golden thread that determines their value-connectivity. Communities need connection with ideas, leaders need to connect with followers, and organisations need to connect with customers. Learning how to connect, deepen and sustain is a business-critical capability for our times, especially in a technologically hyper-enabled world. No algorithms are required to leverage relationship capital, but an authentic and sustained commitment to some universal truths is obligatory. We will reveal and discuss these truths and explore how to develop and sustain meaningful connections, on every level, that breed loyalty, mutuality, collaborative commitment-and sustainable competitive advantage

What will you learn?

  • How to harness the power of community though investing in connectivity?
  • How to reach out to stakeholders in meaningful ways that build reciprocal relationships?
  • How to build a culture based on trust - and how to blow it!
  • How relationships work and how to deepen them and make them last?

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