Can Business Model Innovation Help Health Care Delivery?

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Can Business Model Innovation Help Health Care Delivery?
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28 September 2014
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Can Business Model Innovation Help Health Care Delivery? | Stephen E. Chick | Novartis Chaired Professor of Healthcare Management INSEAD

This document is the soft copy of the presentation by Stephen E. Chick.

Health care is in crisis in many countries, and for many reasons: demographic shifts, an explosion of innovation, budget considerations, public debate about access and equal quality, and other challenges. While many believe that technology innovation is a great solution, and it is true that innovations in biotechnology, computing technology and other fields offer wonderful new possibilities, this webinar will explore another potentially highly powerful force: business model innovation. Business model innovation is rethinking how resources, activities, and processes are configured in a way which changes the game in how value is delivered to consumers. We will explore some examples of business model innovation from fashion, computing, and other areas, and discuss how business model innovation is already having an important impact to benefit patients in the field of health care delivery, and some thoughts about how these ideas might be pushed further.

What will you learn?

  • See examples of business model innovations which have changed the way that several industries compete, and understand principles for how they have done so.
  • See some best practice examples in healthcare delivery.
  • Identify patterns which might help transfer business model innovations across sectors, including to and from health care.

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