Do You Know How To Take a Massive Leap Forward

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Do You Know How To Take a Massive Leap Forward
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23 October 2014
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Do You Know How To Take a Massive Leap Forward | Tom Terwilliger Success Strategies Coach, CEO

This document is the soft copy of the presentation by Tom Terwilliger.

We all have a desire to take a massive leap forward in our business. But the question is....how? Continually learning as much as possible about your market, customers, competitors and industry innovation is often not enough to propel you and your organization to the next level. Organizational leaps and bounds often require personal leadership leaps and bounds. If you, as a leader are stuck in your development it is impacting your decision making and ultimately the growth of your business.

What will you learn?

  • The underestimated and often neglected role of physical energy and power through the development of "Body Rapport".
  • The "Brutal Honesty" about the infinite power of your personal beliefs and their limiting ability over your personal and business growth.
  • "Temptation" and how it uses fear to govern your ambition.
  • The vital importance of "faith" in taking the actions needed to step out into the scary abyss of change.

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