10 Essential techniques in working with KPIs

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10 Essential techniques in working with KPIs
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16 November 2014
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10 Essential techniques in working with KPIs | Aurel-Brudan | CEO, KPI Institute

This document is the soft copy of the presentation by Aurel-Brudan.

KPIs are widely used today across organisational levels, yet in many cases they are incorrectly selected, measured and used. A relevant comparison is to prescription medicine - if used with professional advice it can add value, while in its absence many issues can occur. At the core of using KPIs right are simple tools and associated techniques that enable a rigorous approach to working with KPIs. This webinar will review 10 such tools and techniques that can make a difference in getting KPIs right. Highly practical and applicable, the content reviewed is the result of research conducted by The KPI Institute while operating www.smartKPIs.com its flagship research program on this topic.

What will you learn?

  • KPI selection techniques
  • KPI documentation and target setting
  • KPI data gathering
  • KPI reporting

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