How to Innovate for Impact: Quantum Creativity

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How to Innovate for Impact: Quantum Creativity
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24 November 2014
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How to Innovate for Impact: Quantum Creativity | Dr. Tom Heemstra Founder of MACH 5

This document is the soft copy of the presentation by Dr. Tom Heemstra.

This "WOW" Innovation webinar, (Webinar on Winning Innovation!) will explore transformational concepts surrounding Innovation and Creativity that will positively and enormously impact individuals and organizations. Quantum Creativity offers a hopeful process to address the unique issues and challenges facing leaders of business and government, in response to the accelerating rate and complexity of change in today's technological and competitive environment.

What will you learn?

  • Gain insight's bold, fresh eyes to Imagine, Innovate, Inspire, and Impact the global economy.
  • Become better equipped and inspired to create their future with fresh new ideas, products and services; solve problems with renewed and empowered vigor for solutions that breakthrough barriers and overcome obstacles.
  • Become better prepared for a "black swan crisis" or catastrophic event.
  • Be provocatively challenged to push their personal creative performance envelope.

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