How to Create and Sustain a Competitive Employment Brand

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How to Create and Sustain a Competitive Employment Brand
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26 January 2015
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How to Create and Sustain a Competitive Employment Brand| Dr. Jeffrey D. Yergler | Principle Consultant Integer Leadership Consulting

This document is the soft copy of the presentation by Dr. Jeffrey D. Yergler.

CEO's must be concerned about establishing and maintaining their competitive advantage. It has become clear that one the most critical components of building and maintaining a competitive advantage is a company's compelling Employment Brand. When a company's employment brand is strong, it can be a key factor that attracts talented employees to the organization. Additionally a dynamic employment brand can help to retain your most talented and creative employees.

What will you learn?

  • Why a strong employment brand is crucial to a company's competitive advantage.
  • The strategic thinking and acting that launches a successful employment branding effort.
  • How Integer's E+6 model provides a clear and straightforward strategy to establishing and sustaining a company's employment brand.
  • Specific management practices that flow out of the E+6 model.

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