How to Build a Resilient, High Performance Workforce

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How to Build a Resilient, High Performance Workforce
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10 March 2015
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How to Build a Resilient, High Performance Workforce | Doug Smith | Vice President | Think Primal

This document is the soft copy of the presentation by Doug Smith.

At 18 years of age, Doug Smith was drafted 2nd overall into the NHL to compete in the fastest, hardest hitting collision sport in the world. Today Doug presents the mountains he overcame and the mental techniques he used to make it to the NHL, recover after a catastrophic tragedy, build new businesses and find lasting happiness. Doug Smith's books and learning programs deliver a cohesive system that any organization can use to increase productivity, profit and joy of work.

In the Webinar Doug will provides:

  • The video, story and photos of his journey.
  • The 4 Performance Blockers you must be aware of.
  • The 3 priorities of your subconscious brain.
  • The 8 behaviors which feed these 3 Priorities.
  • The key drivers of human resiliency and performance.
  • A cohesive system for leaders, teams and organizations.

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