Do you need leadership Qualities in Project Management?

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Do you need leadership Qualities in Project Management?
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22 March 2015
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Do you need leadership Qualities in Project Management? | Muhammad Odeh | Global Services lead - Partner Services | EMC

This document is the soft copy of the presentation by Muhammad Odeh.

Generally, we all assign project managers who are experienced, certified and possess project management core competencies, yet, studies show that most of the projects run over time and over budget and this usually comes with a high price. Project managers need to be leaders, influencers and able to build trust within the project team as well as internal and external stakeholders to lead projects.

A successful leader sees an opportunity and captures it. Is a coach, an encourager, a communicator, a coordinator, a passionate, a listener, a motivator, and inspirer, welcomes change, has a vision, cares about the people he or she leads, and knows he or she can't do it alone. In essence "leadership is a combination of strategy and character."

What will you learn?

  • Why are people at the beginning, center and end of all projects?
  • Why Trust is a key component in leadership?
  • How Communication as a PM core competency can be used to influence, where influence is the core competency of leadership.
  • How to guide stakeholders to achieve results through informal authority.
  • Is having the right PM skills competency enough?
  • Why leadership qualities and styles are necessary for project managers?
  • How to developing leadership styles?
  • Do other perceive you as a leader and how to transform that perception?


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0 #1 Bassam Ismail 2015-09-10 16:49
We are all, entrepreneurs of our selection of domains. Where thinking is an ongoing process. Where what we think actually matters. Times have evolved to a new era of fact finding and understanding. We all need leadership Qualities in Project Management and by far this presentation by Mr. Muhammad Odeh is the best I have come across.
With best regards to Mr. Muhammad Odeh for this valued presentation.
Bassam Ismail

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