Mastering the Language of Influence

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Mastering the Language of Influence
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06 April 2015
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Mastering the Language of Influence | Hawa Charfaray | CEO | Training Excellence

This document is the soft copy of the presentation by Hawa Charfaray.

Can you imagine Business profits increasing by 10-30%? That is what companies are able to immediately experience by avoiding bad hires and improving hiring decisions.

A Short program packed with practical real world applications for leaders who need to predict and influence behavior in a team to succeed.

Working towards achieving a leap in communication. Imagine what you could accomplish by identifying what motivational triggers a colleague, new recruit, potential employee, subordinate or client's motivation can have on the success within your Business.

What will you learn?

  • Understanding people and influencing them with the language you use for maximum impact.
  • Establish a deep level of rapport and communicate effectively with anyone.
  • Using powerful language in the interview process to ENSURE you hire people who are motivated to perform thereby avoiding the huge costs on "Bad Hires".
  • Dramatically improve results in negotiations within the work context

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