Why 70% of change programmes STILL fail?

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Why 70% of change programmes STILL fail?
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06 May 2015
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Why 70% of change programmes STILL fail? | Rod Willis | Director of Behavioural Change | Assentire Ltd

This document is the soft copy of the presentation by Rod Willis.

'Resistance to change' is often cited as the number one reason why a change programme has not delivered to the level stakeholders wanted.

Organisations need to respond to turbulent market conditions, achieving more with fewer resources - but change can be very difficult for some people.

Our latest research integrating experience and insight from senior leaders & practitioners over the past five years explores the implications for both leadership development & change programme management, highlighting essential core skills and conditions needed for successful change.

Discover the psychology underlying the behavioural 'symptoms' that we observe and learn that our leadership & management curriculum rarely prepare us to deal with these behaviours. We introduce new models and frameworks to explore motivation, modes of management (mind-sets), interpersonal skills and other key areas such as team climate, learning and personal and group dynamics. These all impact the individual, team and organisation in times of change and if ignored will result in 'Resistance to Change'.

What will you learn?

  • New tools & frameworks to help you recognise the 'issues' that might be at play for yourself or others, & why.
  • Understand the core skills needed to support people though change.
  • Discover why an integrative leadership mind-set will help you manage change more successfully.
  • Understand the clear process and team climate you need to create to manage change with minimal resistance.
  • Understand how you can contribute to future research via 'Project Climate 2015' and what you will get in return.

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Watch Webinar @ Why 70% of change programmes STILL fail? | Rod Willis | Director of Behavioural Change | Assentire Ltd

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